Cultural Activities

THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL offers numerous cultural activities, exciting clubs, societies and groups. There is also ample opportunity for pupils to explore new hobbies and interests. The Doon Grammar School aims to provide a holistic education that integrates academic, culture and sport. Girls are encouraged to be independent critical thinkers and to develop creativity and problem-solving skills through the use of technology.


Extra Murals Available
  • Choir
  • Art
  • Chess
  • Drama
  • Computer Club
  • Public speaking
  • Debating
  • Other Cultural Activities
  • House plays
  • School plays


Educational Activities

Youngsters need to understand the purpose of life. They need courage and wisdom to face the challenges of life. With that understanding they become the light of the world. If we care for them responsibly, moulding their whole character with love, then the future of the world will be safe. – THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL

Education is Nation Building activity. A school is not a building where a few children are confined in closed classrooms and bits of information are transferred to their brains. A school is an organic system of transforming young children into responsible citizens. The objective of the transformation is to build a strong, vibrant Nation. For a Nation to be strong and vibrant, its citizens should be physically strong, intellectually sound, morally upright, spiritually awakened and must have faith in the Nation’s values and culture. THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL strives to mould the character of every child under its care and to develop their whole personality in a harmonious and positive way, which alone will bring about a qualitative change in their lives. In short, THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL strives to educate students not just for a living, but for life itself.


Co-Curricular Activities

Confident, young prowess on stage exhibiting talent, as these are the ones who speak up their mind freely when they grow up.They seek each other’s advice, derive comfort and offer support. All subjects are encored to participate in hikes and excursions Quiz ,Debate ,Drama ,Painting ,Dancing ,Singing , making things out of waste ,Recitation, Declamation , Music and Craft-work and many more things, by organizing various Inter-House and Inter-Class competitions periodically.

  • THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL gives great importance to co-curricular activities of many kinds. Thus, we try to draw out the best in the student helping her to develop all the latent skills and talents. The school nurtures the hidden talents individually and collectively . We at Doon Grammar School believe that these feelings come through shared experience and close proximity when you are the part of three great D’s- Dance,Drama ,Debate .
  • The house system has been introduced in the school in order to develop the feeling of co-ordination, healthy competitive spirit, leadership and self-restraint among the students. It provides opportunities of self-expression and a chance to solve common problems and difficulties collectively.
  • The students are divided into 4 houses – TAGORE, RAMAN, VIVEKANAND and MALVIYA. Each house has its own flag. Inter-house competitions are held to provide entertainment in a unique and educative manner.


        Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment  and the importance of its protection..

School promotes Environment awareness among students, staff  and parents through:-

  • INTRODUCING 3R’S :- Reduce waste, Reuse  Resources and recycle material.
  • ORGANISING TREE PLANTATION and making them aware about  why trees are important to the environment. Encouraging students and staff to switch off all appliances and lights when not in use.
  • Tree Plantation
    Considering the manifold benefits of trees, including that they release oxygen into the air,  absorb unpleasant odours as well as harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide from the air and purify it,  protect us from dangerous ultra-violet rays, provide us with food and  preventing soil erosion, maintaining ecological balance and most especially in lessening the effects of global warming.
    The Doon Grammar School conducts tree plantation drives  twice a year. Over the last one year the students have planted almost 100 trees in the neighbouring areas of the school.


House System

An important feature in the organization of the School is the corporate life of its students fostered by the encouragement given to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities are designed to develop qualities of leadership, a sense of responsibility and a spirit of co-operation and service. Central to the organization is the House System. Life of students at the school is organized around the House system where-by each of the students in school from class Nursery onwards is allotted a house named after four eminent leaders and  personalities.A number of Inter –house competitions are organized to help the students to appreciate the performance in their proper prospective . The House-System also includes competitive feelings and encourages them towards successThe Houses are :


MOTTO :-Constant effort’ is the key to success, our mentor Rabindranath Tagore the Guiding light of the path on which all tagorians tread. In quest of excellence we Tagore house believe that every Tagorian is unique and special, we Tagorians strive to generate true awareness and responsibility and there by bring about the capability to build a world in which love overpowers fear, where challenge and support promotes excellence where tolerance and compassion are the norm and where creativity and positive intent continously generate new possibilities.


MOTTO :- ‘Unity is strength’ keeping the spirit of their motto the students of Raman House will climb up the ladders of remarkable successes in the house competition of the school following the foot steps of C.V. Raman. They have put their utmost skills tremendous efforts to maintain the dignity of the house. And shall continue the same in different walks of life. Idea it self is to create a socially responsible person through knowledge and pain.


MOTTO :- ‘Arise, awake and stop not until the goal is achieved.’ Vivekananda House starts with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, keeping its mentor Swami Vivekananda as the guiding light. We understand that the real joy of life is not only in winning but in cheering for others. To bring together everybody in the society up a spirit of helping each other and achieve the goal of life. With hard work and self determination.


MOTTO :- ‘Truth alone will triumph’ to represent the unity and spirit of our mentor Madan Mohan Malviya has been inspiring us to follow the right principles in life. They Motivated everybody to follow the ideas of life. We Malviyans want to inculcate the feeling of togetherness in the society. Malviyans will always try to do all things responsibly, that’s our aim.

Games and Sports

Games and Sports are an integral part of any programs devised for the all round progress of the students . The school has an excellent tradition of producing outstanding sports person. Taking Advantage of the natural surroundings adventure sports, Football, Cricket Volley ball, Chess, Basket ball are given full promotion and sports facilities are available. The school organizes Inter-school Competitions to raise the standard of performance. Yoga classes and morning PT drills are conducted in order to keep the students active, energetic and healthy the whole -day long. Sports and games are compulsory for all the students and the dress prescribed by the school should be worn for all the sports events. The service of expert teachers and coaches are made available to impart good training to students in the above activities.


  • Participated in 15th cadet Boys and Girls championship held at Cuttack (Odisha) in 2018.
  • Runner Up Trophy in International Football tournament concord 2019 held at CMS Lucknow.
  • Runner Up Trophy in 4th CBSEWSO National Subroto Mukherjee under 17 girls football championship(2019-1020)
  • Participated  in 4th CBSEWSO National Subroto Mukherjee U-14  and U-17 boys football championship(2019-1020)
  • Gold, silver and bronze medal in 2nd UK state U-12,U-14,&U-17 boys and girls fencing championship

Investiture Ceremony

Future leaders

A solemn and spectacular ceremony makes the occasion. A day of Honour of deserving leaders. The council comprises   of the school captains, Vice captains, House captains, sports , discipline and activity captains .

Badges of honours are pinned by the distinguished guests and the oath is taken.



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