List of managing committee members of THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL
1. President Mrs. Manorama Chamoli
2. Secretary Mrs.Meenakshi Sharma
3. Vice  President Mr. Surender Payal
4. Treasurer Mr.Ashish Chamoli
5. Parent-1 Mr. Harish  Kandwal
6. Parent-2 Mr.Pritam Rawat
7. Teacher-1 Mrs. Purnima Adhikari
8. Teacher-2 Mrs.Vineeta Panwar
9. Honorary Member Mr. Sandeep Negi
10. Board-1
11. Board-2
List of managing committee members of THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL
S No. Name of the members Desination Address Tenure
1. Mrs. Manorama Chamoli President 225, Street no 11-A , Vijay park extension , Dehradun 5 years 2016-2021
2. Mr. Ashish Chamoli Secretary Koti , Athoorwala ,Bhaniyawala Dehradun 5 years 2016-2021
3. Mrs. Manu Chamoli Treasurer A-15. Barrage colony Rishikesh 5 years 2016-2021
4. Mr. Surender Payal Member 1 year
5. Mr. Ganesh Bhatt Member 1 year
6. Mr. Nand Kishore  Arora Member 1 year
7. Mr. Pawan Khanduri Member 1 year


List of committee members
S No. Name of the members
1. Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma
2. Mrs. Purnima Adhikari
3. Mr.Surendra Payal
4. Mr. Jagmohan Negi
List of committee members
S No. Name of the members
1. Mrs. Vineeta Panwar
2. Miss. Smita Trivedi
3. Mr. Akhilesh Chand

Message From Chairman

Change is the essence of life. Our society, our hopes, needs, aspirations, perceptions, ways etc; nothing remains untouched by the impetus of the flux. Education too has considerably evolved, especially in the past few years. Introduction of CCE emphasis on activity based teaching, learner friendly pedagogical practices, introduction of co-scholastic curriculum, soaring role of computers, make it essential for us to keep ourselves updated with the current trends in education. In this way we can cater to our students, what is best for them.

We have successfully implemented the educational trends and strategies in favour of our students as directed by CBSE.

Young students are full of potentials and talents. We need to help them to discover themselves. Education should give them roots to remain rooted to the ground and wings to fly and explore the unexplored horizons of life.

It is my dream that our school becomes a place where our students can dream and nurture those dreams with the help of our teachers so that they become realities in their lives. The school is making steady progress in every area. We are improving the infrastructure facilities. Much more needs to be done and I am sure with the support and suggestions we can achieve what we promise to deliver.

Message From Principal Desk

“Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education”

Dear Parent,

In the world of stress and immense competition we often ask the question-“how do we find happiness”. As the correct answer eludes most of us ,of all the answers to this ambiguous questions one simple answer that resonated well with me-“Happiness comes from doing what we love and loving what we do”. this could perhaps be the biggest motivating factor for all of us to work to our best potential if we love our work “There is only one way … get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it”. the curiosity of learning new skills to do or achieve the required target is the biggest motivation which comes from itself as no one can motivate you unless you motivate yourself.

Here at The Doon Grammar School-education means all round development of the child .This school has the mission to make each child achieve his and her best. We strive to respect and improve them to become what they want to be .the school has well planned curriculum so that co curricular activities also are give due importance.

finally  I want to assure you that management and our team of experienced teachers are doing there best to give your child the required edge to make his/her mark in the global world

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory!!”

Information of the School Required to be uploaded on School Website
1. Name of the School with address :(Strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board) with pin code no.( i ) E-mail( ii ) Ph. No.( iii ) Fax No. The Doon Grammar School Plot no. E-8, Tehri Visthapit, Chetra Village Athoorwala . Bhaniyawala,Distt. Dehradun,Uttarakhanddoongrammarschool@yahoo.com0135-2410362
2. Year of establishment of school 15-June-2001
3. Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained?( i ) NOC No.( ii ) NOC issuing date NOC from State Govt.
4. Is the school recognized, if yes by which authority
5. Status of Affiliation :Permanent / Regular/Provisional( i ) Affiliation No.( ii ) Affiliation with the Board since( iii ) Extension of affiliation upto Provisional353031020112017
6. Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act. 1956. Period upto which Registration of Trust/Society is valid Society Registered upto 2016
7. List of members of School Managing Committee with their Address/tenure and post held Click Here
8. Name and official address of the Manager/President/ Chairman/Correspondent( i ) E-mail( ii ) Ph. No.( iii ) Fax No. Ashish Chamoli, Koti Athoorwala , Bhaniyawala


9. Area of School Campus     ( i ) In Acres

( ii ) In Sq. Mtrs.

( iii ) Built up area(sq. Mtrs.)

(iv)Area of Playground in Sq. Mtrs.

02 Acres

8000 Sq. Meters

8400 Sq. Meters

4000 Sq. Meters

10. Details of fee Structure( i ) Pre-Nursery( ii ) Nursery( iii ) I to V( iv ) VI to VIII( v ) IX to X( vi ) XI to XII Click Here
11. Transport Facility Own Buses


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