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A sound education aims at the refinement of both character and personality. A good school strives and continuously works to weed out what is undesirable and carefully nurtures what is desirable.
We aim to give our children who are the Tools, with which they employ to build new bright world tomorrow.Keeping in mind the vision that – we are committed to continuous improvement in learning environment that enhances values, honesty, self esteem, discipline ,responsibility and accountability in partnership with parents.
Knowledge, the students will use, to correct the mistakes that we make today . wisdom, which shall help them find the answer that we have yet not found.
We firmly believe that a fine balance between Academic pursuits and extra -curricular activities lead to the all round development of a child and it is this belief that continuously motivates the school to provide such an atmosphere and opportunities to the students, where they can nurture and hone their talents and skills.
A broad curriculum is offered to students exposing them to a wide array of subjects. We believe that learning should be fun, a process of discovery, a gradual unfolding of the mind and not a highly pressurized tension filled result oriented system.
The school is situated in a lush- green ambience that is totally free from pollution and it is totally a “traffic-free-Zone”.The school is provided with all facilities required for imparting total education of highest quality.Some of the prominent facilities are :-  Study room, Science laboratories , Computer labs ,library ,a Big Play Ground , Badminton   and Volley ball court .etc.

Year of Establishment 15-June-2001
Affiliated To CBSE
Affiliation No. 3530310
Status of Affiliation Provisional
Affiliation with Board since 2011
Extension of affiliation upto 31-March-2022
Name of Society Gyandeep Society
Name of Principal Mrs.Meenakshi Sharma
Area of School Campus 8000 Sq meters
Area of Play ground 4000 Sq Meters
Transport Facility Own Buses
No. of CCTV 14

School Timings Summer 7:45 am to 1:30 pm.
School Timings Winter 8:30 am to 2:05 pm.
Principal Office Timing 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon
School Office Timing As per School Timings
Fee Deposit Timing As per School Timings

Summer Vacation 25 May to 30 June
Winter Vacations As per local announcements

S.No Name         of Teacher Department Designation Educational  Qualification Technical Qualification
Secondary Stage
1. Meenakshi Sharma Biology Principal M.Sc M.Ed
2. Suman Prakash Bhatt English PGT M.com,M.A(English) B.Ed
3. Vinita Panwar Hindi PGT M.A B.Ed
4. Purnima Adhikari Computer PGT M.Com M.C.A,D.El.ED
5. Deepak Bisht Commerce PGT B.Com MBA
6. Prerna Bisht Biology PGT M.S(Zoology B.Ed
7. Sunita Khantwal Chemistry PGT M.Sc B.Ed
8. Ravi Kumar Physics PGT M.SC B.Ed
9. Smita Trivedi Mathematics PGT M.Sc B.Ed
10. Geetika Tandon Physical Edu. PGT MA M.P.Ed
11. Kalpana Uniyal Mathematics TGT MA(Maths) B.Ed UTET-!
12. Jagmohan Negi Mathematics TGT M.Sc(Maths)B.Ed
13. Priyanka Kaur Economics PGT M.com,M.A B.ED
Middle stage
13. Nisha Sharma Social Science TGT MA B.Ed
14. Shivangi Sharma English PRT B.Com D.EL.ED
15. Anamika Rawat Science PRT B.sc D.PHARMA,B.Ed
16. Rajni Panwar Hindi PRT MA B.Ed,Bridge Course
17. Ranjeet Kaur PRT MA D.El.ED,UTET-1
18. Kiran Rana PRT M.Com D.EL.ED
Preparatory Stage
17. Akhilesh Chandra Mathematics PRT BA D.EL.ED
18. Meenakshi Sharma PRT MA(Sanskrit) b.ED
29. Kavita Negi PRT M.Sc B.Ed
20. Sonika Negi PRT M.Sc MBA
21. Manju Ramola PRT B.Sc D.El.ED
Foundation Stage


22. Shradha Thapa PRT BA
23. Sarika Pal PRT MA B.Ed
24. Neha Parwal PRT MA
25. Pooja  Soni PRT B.Com D.El.ED
Physical Instructor
26. Surendra Payal PTI B.Com B.P.Ed, N.I.S



  • Special care must be taken by teachers and pupils to preserve an atmosphere of silence and serious work during class hours.
  • Strict silence must also be observed outside the Principal’s Office,the Staff Room, in the Library and in the corridors.


  • When moving along corridors, from one class to another, the rule is always: Keep to the left, walk in single file and in silence. Running inside the building is forbidden.
  • No child is permitted to leave class during class hours except for some very urgent reason.
  • No pupil is permitted to leave School premises during the recess or otherwise, except with the written permission of the principal.
  • No girl is permitted to enter the Staff Room.
  • Pupils will not be allowed to use the School telephone without the permission of the Principal. Permission will be given only in very urgent cases.
  • No collection for any purpose whatsoever may be made in the School without the permission of the Principal.
  • The School will not be responsible for students who buy snacks from hawkers outside the School gate.
  • No pupil is permitted to bring cell phones or other electronic gadgets to the School.
  • No pupil is allowed to bring/park any vehicle in the School campus. Strict action will be taken against defaulters.


  • All must consider it their special responsibility to keep the School clean.
  • Every girl/boy should be particularly careful to avoid throwing waste paper, fruit peels, lollipop and ice-cream sticks etc. out of the windows or on the School grounds. Use should be made of the waste paper baskets and bins provided for the purpose.
  • Use of polythene bags is banned in the School.

Care of School Property

  • Pupils must take special care or School property, i.e., furniture, apparatus etc. with the understanding that we respect whatever does not belong to us. Any damage done to School property must be made good.
  • Pupils must take care of their personal property as the School authorities do not accept responsibility for lost watches, ornaments, money, books etc.

Behaviour Outside School

  • Every child should remember that his/her behaviour in the School and outside is a reflection of both his/her home and School. She ought to conduct himself in a manner worthy of the dignity of a child.
  • Pupils are not permitted to wear the School uniform or blazer at any function outside the School unless they are accompanied by a teacher, or sent by the School.


The majestic, modern and ever expanding building blocks, with an aesthetically designed New Girls/Junior School Block and the grand layout of the school, which sprawls over 2acres of land in lush green surroundings, a great atmosphere for growth and joyful learning is ensured. School blocks Primary Block Junior/Girls Block Senior Block.




Infrastructure & Facilities

The school consisted of three blocks of classrooms, office and games field. It has well furnished classrooms neat and clean toilets and water cooler for drinking water. The school has well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It has a modern lab and well furnished library. For the all round development of the students has equipped music department, Art Department, SUPW Department and Eco club.
The school has special ground for sports such as Badminton, Football, Hockey, Volleyball and Cricket. School gives regular medical check-up to the students. Highly trained and experienced team of devoted staff members along with a skilled & Co-operative Principal have been appointed in the school.



The library strives to make resources readily accessible when and wherever they are needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students. The library endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilize materials in a variety of formats to access information so that they can continue lifelong learning.
Our school provides Library facilities. We are having so many subject concerned Books Students are permitted to borrow books for seven days. Apart from these books, we are having so many extra curricular activities books. Different types of magazines are also available to keep the students knowledge up to date.



The school has four separate well-equipped and spacious labs of PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY AND COMPUTER. There is separate integrated science lab for Middle school students.
We have latest equipment and instruments for science lab which help students to enhance the practical knowledge of subject very efficiently.


Well-equipped Computer lab has latest configuration and updating of the Software is given top priority. We believe that a child after learning in the school will be fully equipped to deal with any aspect of computer.


Art and Craft

Art is present everywhere around us in almost every visible form. Art plays a greater role in the society. In simple language, art is something that gives us a way to be creative & express you. Man has more capacity to think & understand that than of other creatures. Search is the Nature of man. Art is also the result of his search. Man has taken its inspiration from his Environment from the very beginning. Everything in this world is the subject for a drawing. The best artist is the one who understands the principles & rules of drawing, but who interprets his imagination in the best way rather than copies them.
Art & Craft is helpful to develop the personality of the students. It makes refresh to the students for tiresome studies. Students had made many useful & beautiful articles last year like: – paper bags, pots, friendship-band, greeting-cards, file folders, diyas, bookmarks, envelopes & many more.



It is said, “Music is the essence of life”. As music has different shades of mood like joy, sorrow, dejection, beauty, melody, enthusiasm, love etc. so the life is also consisted of the same different elements. And in all situations of life, music soothes us and takes us a new world of hope and joy. Thus, in the present age music is one of the most important source of education and following the suit, our school THE DOON GRAMMAR SCHOOL  has a separate department of music which trains students in the field of education according to their talents and skills. In our school various activities of music like Song competition, dance competition, instrumental competition are conducted regularly. 


Eco Club

“Together we can make a difference “keeping this spirit in mind, our school has formed an eco-club. Eco-club known as green club is a voluntary club group which promotes among the students the participation and improving their environment .The motive of this Eco-club is to create awareness among our students about nature and the problems related to environmental protection and have to help to reduce this problem.



Physical and Health Education

Health and Physical education is concerned with total health of the learner and the community. Besides physical health, it includes mental and emotional health of the learners. WHO defines health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The aim of Health and Physical Education is to enable the student to attain such a state of health that, it becomes an education for the total human being.

                                                              Safety and Security

     Various  safety tips & facilities

  • Set clear rules and limits for students on violence.
  • Raise fire safety awareness.
  • Fire safety certificate  issued.
  • Separate staff for boys and girls teen counselling  & sex abuse.
  • Protection of children from sexual offences.(POCSO Act)
  • Monitoring bodies for support staff.
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance.




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