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0 Welcome to The Doon Grammar School

A sound education aims at the refinement of both character and personality. A good school strives and continuously works to weed out what is undesirable and carefully nurtures what is desirable.
We aim to give our children who are the Tools, with which they employ to build new bright world tomorrow. Keeping in mind the vision that – we are committed to continuous improvement in learning environment that enhances values, honesty, self esteem, discipline ,responsibility and accountability in partnership with parents. Click here

Aims And Objective

We aim to educate our children intellectually as well as with holistic approach, we do believe that education does not only mean academic excellence, it is rather a harmonious and synchronized combination of skills and intelligence along with moral  values. The Doon Grammar school fosters the overall development of each and every child studying in the school.

messages Message From Chairman

Change is the essence of life. Our society, our hopes, needs, aspirations, perceptions, ways etc; nothing remains untouched by the impetus of the flux. Education too has considerably evolved, especially in the past few years. Introduction of CCE emphasis on activity based teaching, learner friendly pedagogical practices, introduction of co-scholastic curriculum, soaring role of computers, make it essential for us to keep ourselves updated with the current trends in education. In this way we can cater to our students, what is best for them. Click here

messages Message From Principal Desk

“Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education” Dear Parent,In the world of stress and immense competition we often ask the question-“how do we find happiness”. As the correct answer eludes most of us ,of all the answers to this ambiguous questions one simple answer that resonated well with me-“Happiness comes from doing what we love and loving what we do”. this could perhaps be the biggest motivating factor for all of us to work to our best potential if we love our work Click here

Mission & Vision

The School aims at training and regulating children’s thinking in such a manner that they become successful men and women in their chosen field of activity and at the same time remain attached to moral and ethical values which ensure happiness and continuity of Success achieved in life. The learning process and the value inherited in school by the students are further executed by them in the society for the service of humanity. Children are the most precious possession of a nation. To bring them up in an environment which helps them grow physically, intellectually and spiritually is the greatest service to the organized society. The first two decades of the twenty-first century are going to be, perhaps, the most crucial in the history of man.Thus, the vision of the management is to impart quality education, coupled with latest technological advancements and imbibing human values, ethos and sanskaras in the students with a spiritual blend.

Value Education

The More contemporary values deliver optimal educational outcomes for each individual student. The strong and diverse academic program reflects best practice for each stage of schooling.

Teaching Staff

The school lays particular emphasis on quality education through effective teaching and copious teaching aids. The staff engaged have high academic and teaching qualification.


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